About Liz Fayram, RDN, LDN, CEDRD, RYT

Hello and Welcome! I’m grateful you are here.

My work philosophy is to create a safe space for you to bravely uncover, explore, and heal food and body concerns. I believe that all foods can nourish the body  when in balance, and have passionately dedicated my career to helping others find peace in their relationship with food. Balance means allowing the body to communicate what it needs for rest, energy, and movement, while also giving unconditional permission to enjoy a variety of foods. Balance may also require the integration of the biological, psychological, and social experiences of nourishment. The client, you, are the expert on your body!

In most nutrition counseling sessions, we will:

  • Explore your historical relationships with food and body image
  • Review of the most recent weeks of food and eating experiences
  • Create thoughtful, non-rigid plans for upcoming eating experiences
  • Review and discuss a rhythm with food that helps you to be most connected to your needs and eating disorder treatment goals
  • Develop a practice of self-compassion based eating
  • Reject the Diet Mentality and challenge the Food Police
  • Take steps toward improved appetite awareness and body respect
  • Discuss using a “Nutrition Counseling Toolkit” (food, mood, and appetite writing *as needed*, workbooks, “homework”)
  • Practice food challenges and/or food exposures
  • Utilize mindfulness techniques
  • And last, but not least, we will have fun!

In a client centered approach, it is essential to the healing process that I work in a collaborative team of healthcare providers to deliver effective treatment. You are the focal point of this collaborative process.  In every session, I work to bring enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, warmth, and evidence-based practice into the nutrition counseling process to help clients recover from disordered eating and eating disorders. With over a decade of experience in nutrition counseling, my training is from the roots of an anti-diet, Health At Every Size (R), and respect for all bodies model, to develop a supportive, sustainable nutrition path with each person.

Client Testimonials

“In sessions with Liz I have felt comfortable feeling emotions I often shy away from and I have shared and described vulnerabilities that I do not often expose. Liz has taught me so many practical tools that I use now in my everyday life, she has gently nudged me to expand my perspective and find new, positive meanings and experiences with food and body image, and she has supported me as I’ve enhanced my compassion for myself. I always leave Liz’s office feeling empowered, hopeful, and with increased self-love.”

“Liz is amazing at her job. She is thoughtful, kind, and probing. She helps you understand yourself by making you answer a lot of your own questions while at the same time giving you the support you need to take whatever next steps you are ready to take without fear.”


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